Want to feel what it’s like to have fantastic digestion?

Motion Potion is a natural, safe and gentle way to get your digestive health back.

Constipation, diarrhoea (or both), bloating, wind, cramping and nausea are common symptoms of poor digestive functioning. You may also be trying to manage a diagnosed condition such as IBS, Chrohn’s, or Diverticulitis

If you are suffering in silence or have exhausted all that medical professionals have to offer then taking a quality supplement like Motion Potion combined with key diet and lifestyle changes can help alleviate your symptoms.

Motion potion helps to supply the body with the essentials to support smooth, regular elimination. Motion Potion is not a laxative and will not cause urgency. It is gentle on the walls of the digestive tract and is suitable for everyday us.

Motion Potion is ideal as part of a detox and cleanse. With its fibre, healing and soothing herbs, pre and probiotics, Motion Potion helps your body to move toxins out the system.

I have been taking Motion Potion for 2 weeks now and find it great. It really settles my gut down and best of all it does not taste bad!

Ray Kelly

“I have suffered for years with Irritable bowel syndrome and spent so much money on products that didn’t help or even made my symptoms worse. Motion Potion has helped me immensely. I’m finally regular and symptom free! Thank you”

Jeni Baker

The Bristol stool chart shows the different types of faeces and what a normal movement should look like.

Numbers 1-3 indicate a dry compacted stool. Number 4 is the ideal stool. It represents a healthy Gastro Intestinal Tract (GIT). A healthy stool should be easy to pass, well formed, smooth and soft, light, fluffy and floating. Numbers 5-7 show loose stools indicative of an irritated GIT.

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